October 14, 2012

My Unanswered Questions

Do you ever get strange ideas stuck in your head and find yourself losing sleep because of them? Do you ever have a weird question for which no one seem to have an answer, because apparently no one else has ever been daft enough to ask? Well, if you don't, I envy you.

Here are a few of my silly, weird, nagging unanswered questions. They are pretty random, I warn you.

1. How can a name spelled "F U C H S" possibly be pronounced "Fuhsonic?" For that matter, why is "Pepe" the nickname for someone named "Jose" or "Josefina?"

2. If a kitten is born lacking the ability to retract its claws so that it will be safe until it is older, how does it not harm its mother or siblings while in the womb?

3. Speaking of kittens, could a human give birth to them if they were implanted inside? Could humans become surrogate mothers to other species? (I said I had weird, silly questions! I did warn you!)

4. In D. Gray Man, what is it that the akuma are firing at everyone? It seems to cause a lot of destruction but bounces off of exorcists most of the time. Is it some sort of negative energy? And what are the exorcists firing back? They seem to have similar guns but nothing ever explains what the guns are loaded with. Do they shoot innocence? I guess it's not really important, but for some reason it bugs me not to know.

5. Sadly, this is the main one that causes me to lose sleep. WHY A SPACESUIT? To be a bit more specific, on Doctor Who, why was young Melody Pond being raised in a spacesuit? It was apparently incredibly important that she be kept in one, because all of human culture had been manipulated so that the moon mission could take place, all so that little Melody could be kept in a spacesuit. But why? There was never any explanation as to what the spacesuit was really for. Was Earth's atmosphere somehow dangerous for the little girl with Timelord DNA? Did the suit somehow prevent her from escaping her captors, and if so, why not just keep her in a jail cell or something? Why on earth was a spacesuit needed? I know it's silly, but this one just drives me nuts. I will almost be asleep and then I will suddenly wonder again, and replay every relevant scene in my head. I need an answer, Mr. Moffat, and I need it now!

If anyone knows the answer to any of these questions, please comment! You might help me to get a good night's sleep for a change. :)

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