November 19, 2012

A Practice Dress

The Precious is going to be christened soon and of course I decided to make her a dress myself. Besides the fact that I want to make my girl her most important childhood garment, there is also the problem of finding one in her size ready made! People usually christen newborns, not 15-month-olds.

I bought a yard of lovely white eyelet but decided to make my own pattern, using an old pattern of mine and scaling it down as needed. Making doll clothes in this way is one thing, but making a christening gown with expensive fabric is another. So I decided to make a prototype out of another fabric first, to make sure it would work out all right.

I still haven't hemmed it or sewn the ribbon on it, but it looks pretty nice, I think. There is only one problem that needs to be fixed for the real dress: I forgot that the pattern I scaled down was for a grown woman and therefore has room for breasts!

Maybe it doesn't look too weird? At least I don't think it qualifies as a craft fail!

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