September 7, 2013

Now for Sale: Desperado Songbook!

I am just buzzing along today! I finally managed to get one of the best and apparently rarest items I've ever found listed in my Etsy shop!

Yep, it's the original songbook of the classic Eagles album, Desperado! It has both the piano and guitar notations and of course the lyrics. I love that it also has the original album photos as well.

There is some damage--it looks as if the original owner probably really liked playing Peaceful Easy Feeling, because it is at that song that the pages are starting to come loose. And of course the cover is a bit worn. From looking online I am starting to get the feeling that this particular songbook was usually used until it fell apart, so there aren't as many of them out there as you might expect.

So what a great find! I just know someone is going to want it. If you'd like to check it out, click the link below!

Eagles Desperado Songbook

Keep Saturdays Weird!

Happy Saturday!

For me this has already been a happy Saturday. I woke up with a kiss and hug from The Precious, got a surprise visit (ker-plunk!) from the purring Isabella cat soon after, ate muffins that I actually remembered to make last night so we'd have something for breakfast, and opened up Etsy to find that I had sold my Victorian ball gown pattern. YAY!

Now to make it even better (and help it to be a bit weirder), my friend Mollie posted a video on Facebook.

I already loved the "Unipiper" from his previous video, in which he plays the Imperial March on bagpipes (gosh I love bagpipes!) while dressed as Darth Vader, and UNICYCLES! My mind is just blown by his skills. And my four year-old inner child still wants a unicycle. I promise I'll be careful! Please?

But he's added something new and even more spectacular. Now his bagpipes SHOOT FIRE. I have no idea how, but they do.

I want this guy to perform at my wedding! Too bad I'm already married.

Do you like this post? Would you like me to do a "Keep Saturdays Weird" post every week? If so, please comment. It's not that hard, I promise!

September 5, 2013

She Blew My Mind with Fondant

This has to be seen to be believed! Watch Shawna McGreevy make a layered fondant painting of Helena Bonham Carter's character Julia in the Dark Shadows movie, step by step. Doldin and I just sat there with our jaws dropping, enthralled. Trust me, you want to see this! You might want to turn the volume down though--the music is annoying.

This amazing cake was featured on Cakenweenie a site dedicated to celebrating Tim Burton's birthday with stunning Burtonesque cakes. Make sure you click the link to see the rest--they are gorgeous, creepy, melancholy, and everything you would expect for a Tim Burton theme. And the music on the Cakenweenie site is perfect! No volume adjustments needed. You'll see. :)

September 2, 2013

Labour Day Monday Spotlight: wehive

Happy Labour Day to all of my fellow Americans. Let's all take a moment today to remember the workers who died protesting unfair and dangerous working conditions so that we could not only have a day off, but be paid a living wage and have safety requirements. Let us also think about the plight of those here in this country and all over the world who still work for wages that barely keep them alive, who are forced to do dangerous things or work in dangerous conditions because it is cheaper that way for those at the top. Let us think of the children who do not go to school but work longer hours than most American adults, often in conditions we would never allow our pets to live in. Let us think about what we can do to stop the exploitation of workers everywhere! If we want to see change we are going to have to be part of the change.

And now, on to the Monday Spotlight, which, by the way, features a shop that invests in education both in its own Canada and abroad.

This week the spotlight shines on wehive, a great Etsy shop that specializes in personalized books for children. I really like the way this shop doesn't just let you put in your child's name, but also the names of friends, relatives, locations, etc for a truly customized experience. I have chosen just a few of my favourite items to give you an idea what wehive offers; visit the shop to see the rest!

When I was a little girl, I would have wanted this one! I love that you can put in your daughter's dance teacher and friends' names.

The Ballerina Princess Personalized Storybook

There are several Christian options, which would make great gifts for Sunday school students or for baptisms, etc.

My Book of Prayers Personalized

It's always difficult when a new baby comes, especially for the former baby of the family! wehive has it covered.

Personalized Big Brother Sister Sibling Storybook

Now there are also matching journals to go with many of the books wehive offers.

New Journal Mother Goose Personalized Pregnancy Journal Diary companion to the Child's Personalized Story Book Mother Goose First Year

I also really like the new earrings made from buttons in the wehive shop! Buttons are always so much fun. These are my favourites.

Chandelier Button Earrings

Best of all, right now wehive is having a coupon sale. Just enter the coupon code SPECIALSHOP for 20% off when you go to checkout!