August 24, 2013

New Items in my Shop

I finally got a chance to do some photography and get some new items added to my Etsy shop!
The first is this very unusual doll made in a Native American style, wearing a dress of fabric printed with astrological charts.
For more info, click the link below!
Vintage Native American Indian Style Doll

Then there is this lovely Laura Ashley Bedrooms book, circa 1988.

Click this link for more info!
Laura Ashley Bedrooms Book

And finally, for the moment at least, Alice in Stitches! Nope, it's not a band or a horror movie. It's a cross-stitch book based on Alice in Wonderland from 1979.

You can learn more about it here Alice in Stitches Cross Stitch Book

I feel so productive! More items coming soon, so check often!

August 21, 2013

Sexy Summer Style

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Sexy Summer Style on Lucky

August 20, 2013

What Anime Character Are You?

I couldn't sleep and ended up doing silly things instead. I will regret this in the morning. In fact, it is morning and I am regretting it already! But that doesn't make sleep any easier.

Somehow I went from looking at fanart to taking online quizzes. As is usual, I got some pretty weird results on some of them, but then there was this one...

What Anime Personality Are You?
What Anime Personality Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Surprisingly accurate! I'm even on the not-very-tall side (I am not short! You hear me? I'm just not tall).

Why don't you take the quiz and let me know what your results are by posting a comment? Do you feel like yours are accurate too? I'd love to hear what they are!

Now what on Arda can I do to fall asleep?

August 19, 2013

Monday Spotlight: Made with Love by Deena

Saturdays just aren't working out as Spotlight days, so I am going to try to make this a Monday feature instead. True, there is no alliteration to "Monday Spotlight" but maybe it will help us to get our weeks off to a good start. And maybe it will actually allow me to spotlight shops again!

This week's shop is Made With Love by Deena, specializing in beautiful patchwork and lovely handmade gifts. I love the patchwork the most, so I am going to feature a few of my favourite quilts.

For fall there is a crazy quilt in shades of brown with green. Perfect!

Crazy Quilt in Browns and Greens

Deena makes cute quilts that kids would love too.

Bug Jar Collection Quilt

Animal prints are big again and this quilt uses them in such a pretty way.

All That Glitters is Crazy Quilt

My favourite of all is this gorgeous stained-glass window quilt. It looks so real!

Stained Glass Wonder Quilt

Be sure to check out Deena's other items, from pretty purses to washable fabric children's books and more!

A Stitcher's Companion Embroidery Hoop Box

I think this has to be the most clever embroidery box I have ever seen. I am going to have to try to make one one of these embroidery stuff is in a flimsy plastic container that used to be full of peppermints! As you see, this is way cooler :D

Embroidery Hoop Box Made by iStitch

The tutorial to make the box is here.
Learn to finish with the Twisted Stitcher: A Stitcher's Companion Embroidery Hoop Box...: Supplies Needed: 6 six inch wooden embroidery hoops 1 wooden plaque approximate size 6 1/4 inches radius Wood stain Old Sock Rubber Glo...

Wouldn't this be a great gift for a stitcher?