August 24, 2013

New Items in my Shop

I finally got a chance to do some photography and get some new items added to my Etsy shop!
The first is this very unusual doll made in a Native American style, wearing a dress of fabric printed with astrological charts.
For more info, click the link below!
Vintage Native American Indian Style Doll

Then there is this lovely Laura Ashley Bedrooms book, circa 1988.

Click this link for more info!
Laura Ashley Bedrooms Book

And finally, for the moment at least, Alice in Stitches! Nope, it's not a band or a horror movie. It's a cross-stitch book based on Alice in Wonderland from 1979.

You can learn more about it here Alice in Stitches Cross Stitch Book

I feel so productive! More items coming soon, so check often!

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