November 5, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter

The Precious made me so happy today! I have been proud of her constantly growing vocabulary, her eating skills, and her brand new walking abilities, but I have to admit, there was something extra special about this.

She tried to crochet just like mommy!

She had "borrowed" some scrap yarn and a hook from my sewing desk.

I was amazed at the way she seemed to have been paying attention.

I was actually thinking she might end up making something when the ball slipped from her hand and rolled away.

"Mommy, how did I get so tangled up? Help!"

She was very upset when I finally took the yarn and hook away!

By the way, I realize what a mess our living room looks in these pictures. The floor is actually clean, just very stained, and The Precious works hard to keep it covered with junk. There is a hardwood floor under the carpet that we hope to reveal soon, but first we will have to find out what kind of glue was used to literally glue the carpet directly to the wood!

November 4, 2012

Nerdy Quote of the Week

I'm going to cheat a bit here and not use a quote but a line from a song which at one time was something of a personal creed for me.

"I have my books
And my poetry to protect me"

Paul Simon, I Am a Rock

This is a really interesting live performance of the song...if you're familiar with the recording you'll notice several differences in the harmonies. I love how unplugged this version is.

It Came from the Kitchen

While trying in vain to punch holes in a can of milk with a dulled, slightly bent Sunbeam bottle opener--which, by the way, had lost its handy dandy magnet AGAIN--I was tempted to just throw the thing into the garbage. But suddenly inspiration struck and I gave it a good washing instead, then set it on a table and sort of forgot about it.
Tonight I felt in the mood to finish a project--something, anything!--and remembered the crazy idea I had had. So I fired up the dear old hot glue gun and got my pieces of junk together.

That's right, I had decided that the bottle opener would make a really interesting hair barrette! I never said I was sane.

Et voila! I now have a completely kooky hair accessory that cost me nothing at all. I actually really like it--there's something about the design of the bottle opener and its crisp Sunbeam logo that is just perfect for a hair bow. I am going to wear it in public and be proud.

If you are thinking of making one and wearing it too, be sure that you are prepared for the inevitable reactions. There may be pointing. There may be giggles. But most of all, be prepared to have everybody on earth come up to you and solemnly inquire, "Do you know you've got a bottle opener on your head?" Each person will truly believe that they are the only one in existence clever enough to come up with this witty joke. If, and only if, you are ready to go through this all day, you are ready to wear a kitchen utensil on your head in public.