November 5, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter

The Precious made me so happy today! I have been proud of her constantly growing vocabulary, her eating skills, and her brand new walking abilities, but I have to admit, there was something extra special about this.

She tried to crochet just like mommy!

She had "borrowed" some scrap yarn and a hook from my sewing desk.

I was amazed at the way she seemed to have been paying attention.

I was actually thinking she might end up making something when the ball slipped from her hand and rolled away.

"Mommy, how did I get so tangled up? Help!"

She was very upset when I finally took the yarn and hook away!

By the way, I realize what a mess our living room looks in these pictures. The floor is actually clean, just very stained, and The Precious works hard to keep it covered with junk. There is a hardwood floor under the carpet that we hope to reveal soon, but first we will have to find out what kind of glue was used to literally glue the carpet directly to the wood!

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