You have all been quite remiss in asking questions, so I have had to take the time to ask them for you.

1. What is an Aurelas? Is that your real name?

"Aurelas" literally translates to "sunlight leaf" (aure lasse) but the words have been combined in the fashion of a name which now means "Sunlit Leaf." Mostly because I say so. There is no actual word in Quenya or Sindarin for "sunlit" so I have to use the word for "sunlight." I have been told by someone who actually speaks the languages of Tolkien that this is valid. In case you're curious, Aurelas is pronounced "Ow-ray-lahss." Sadly, as you can see, Aurelas is not my real name. My real name is Christie, which is pretty common and made confusing by all the Kristy's, Chrissy's, etc out there. So when I came up with a name for my Lord of the Rings Online elf hunter that I loved, I decided to use it as my name on blogger and etsy.

2. I can understand books and balls of yarn, but why bowties?

Because bowties are cool. :) Type that phrase into google and I'm sure you'll see that I'm not the first or most interesting person to think so. I think that bowties were a great thing to add into my title because they represent the unusual little touches I add to my outfits and the sort of style I will be sharing with you poor unsuspecting innocents.

3. Who or what is The Precious? Do you have the One Ring or something?

I am not in possession of the One Ring. What I do have is a wonderful baby daughter who is more precious to me than anything else in the world. I have caught myself calling her "my precious" and thought it would be funny to use that on here. I don't want to use her actual name because it is quite distinctive and could lead to identity theft. So if you know us personally, please don't include her name in your comments! If you would like to see her, though, I have added a page for her here

4. Are you trying to use this blog to sell stuff?

Yes. That is not its sole purpose, but I will be posting links to my etsy shop,
like I just did. haha Selling things and trying to make money is important right now because we are in deep financial trouble and I have no income as a stay at home mom. Daycare costs more than I could make at a job, and there are no daycares here that I would trust with The Precious anyway.
That said, this blog is about more than just selling stuff occasionally. I thought it would be fun to have a place to share the neat things I find, the craft projects I do, the great books that I read (and the awful ones!), etc. It will be a place for me to show who the real me is. I guess when it boils down to it, I just don't want to die misunderstood.