June 21, 2013

Be the Buyer!

I have a confession to make. I almost never buy clothes anymore, and when I do, I usually get them from thrift shops. It is better for the environment and way cheaper for me. Plus, it is just so much fun because you never know what you'll find!

But that doesn't stop me from constantly checking out magazines, catalogues, and online shops. One of my favourite of the latter, modcloth.com, is so well-known you're probably wondering why I'm even bothering to mention it now. However, I am not here to write about the value, wearability, or ethical sourcing (I hope they're ethically sourced but doubt it) of clothes from ModCloth. After all, I've never actually *embarrassed cough* bought any. They're out of my price range.

What I want to talk about is ModCloth's fun Be the Buyer program, which lets normal people like you and even weirdos like me go through and look at items the company is considering purchasing. The customer gets to decide whether this item should be "picked" or "skipped" and explain their reasons why.

The process is very simple.

Click Here to Start "Be the Buyer"

This dress looks sort of okay...

Let's look at the back to make sure.

Yep, that really is the back of the same dress! And that is why I skipped that one.

Once you've made up your mind, you can express your thoughts. Do you think that the fabric looks cheap considering the price of the garment? Now's your chance to voice off. Concerned that your panties will show every time you move because of that skirt length? Say so. Love the shoe shape but hate that weird bird print on the toe? Preach it!
*Please note that the thoughts shown here are actually for a colour-blocked dress, not the one previously shown.

Today my favourite (which I picked of course) was a long, comfortable-looking, thirties-ish dress with slimming black insets in the sides and back. It's the sort of dress I can see myself living in (after I'd shortened it a little of course). Glamourous, it isn't. Comfortable with just enough style to keep from being dowdy it is. I would wear it with a big floppy hat.

The fun thing is that your picks really do influence whether an item is chosen for the store or not, and sometimes even comments make a difference! A skirt may be lengthened, a belt added, or a collar colour changed because enough customers pointed out a need in the design. This is our chance to have an impact, people!

We can even go through and see exactly which items were previous "Be the Buyer" choices. There is a whole section where you can shop customer's picks, and when the items turn up in a regular search they will always have a little "Be the Buyer" logo over them. I chose a few that are currently available for purchase to show you how cool they are.

Fete by the Fountain Dress

Specialty Sweets Heels in Mint

Ferry Festivities Dress

First Stop, Style! Dress

Scene and Believed Dress

Do we have good taste, or what?


  1. I live in jeans and t shirts (thank you, casual work), so pretty things usually get passed up. But the idea they let people help pick their items is really intriguing. I imagine they have a lot of loyal fans because they listen to their customers.

    Stephanie - Follow me #12

  2. lol for the most part I live in things like giant t-shirts so big they could be minidresses, t-shirts and yoga pants, or pajamas! Being a stay-at-home mom means only getting dressed up on special occasions, like for storytime at the library. For that I try to wear jeans. So for church I try to really have fun with my clothes but usually end up having to throw on whatever I can find at the last minute. So it's really funny that I keep doing fashion posts!

  3. I love getting is skirts and dresses. I know that what flatters one person won't flatter me. However many manufacturers don't know that. This is a re-post of one I posted a few weeks ago. That some how got sent to mars and not to this blog.

  4. Sorry about your comment going missing! I don't know what happened--I definitely never received it. I guess you're right--it probably did go to Mars...or maybe to an alternate universe where an alternate me approved it on an alternate blog...hmmmmmmm

  5. Dude, these clothes are so dope! I have a problem with keeping my money in my account when I go on modcloth, ahahaha!

    allyf--Gain Exposure to Your Blog #3! :)


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