September 21, 2012

What I Want for Fall: Shoes

Keep in mind that I am not actually saying I can buy these things. This is more of a list of what I would buy if I had money.


I have been dying for these shoes for months. They make me hungry, literally. I have this silly idea that they would taste like cherries. And, despite the incredibly high heel, I actually think they would be (for high heels) comfortable.

Red Skyscrapers

In my opinion, oxfords are a must-have (that I don't have, of course)! I want these in both brown and black.

Banx by Steve Madden

How could I not want these flats, which are in my favourite colour?

The Sidewalk Skimmer in Suede--More Colours Available

I have had to give up ballet due to arthritis (it started when I was in 2nd grade!) but I still practice my barre exercises and now The Precious does too! I will always dream of being a professional ballet dancer. These shoes would help me look a bit more the part, and would be much easier to walk around in than my pointe shoes (seriously, have you ever tried walking in pointe shoes without walking en pointe? It's dreadful!).

Precious Ballerinas

Of course, fall and winter are the time for boots (hurray!)

These would make me feel like some sort of action hero. I can see River Song wearing them--always a good thing!

Journee Collection Women Buckle High Heel Boots

A pair of these in each colour and I would be set.


Time to do some walking.

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  1. ooh. I'm liking the red and green one :)

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