February 11, 2014

Clothes for my New Phone

I finally have a phone! And it's actually a smartphone. It isn't hooked up yet and I dont' know how to use it, but I am excited because now I will be able to take photos wherever I am. Also because now when I get lost or the car breaks down or the keys get locked inside, I will be able to get help! YAY!

I was also excited because a new phone means I have to make it a case--aka excuse to drop everything and make something. I was already designing the case in my mind on the way home from the store and put the finishing touches on it today. I didn't use a pattern, just winged it.

Out of my insane yarn stash I ended up choosing this nice purple cotton Peaches and Cream yarn. I love it because it washes without pilling, so no matter how filthy the case gets I will be able to get it clean without ruining it.

I made a hole in the side so I can keep it safe even when it is plugged into the charger.

My Precious helped me go through every button I own until I found just the right one--a golden teapot with a purple center. It turned out looking pretty nice, no?

Now to make one for my husband's phone...I have already chosen the yarn.

But what kind of a button do you put on a guy's phone cover? What makes a button masculine? Maybe I better just let him pick one out!