April 15, 2013

Not Your Mama's Turquoise Jewelry

Do you love the turquoise gemstone but not the way it is usually set? Fear not, I have found some great options for you!

Break with tradition completely with this tough necklace.

Stampdot Statement Necklace

Ladder necklaces are very "now" but this is one you'll want to keep wearing even when the trend is past.

Egyptian Copper Necklace With Ladder Cascade

There is something very mathematical and geeky about this one. Maybe it reminds me of an abacus?
Geometric Turquoise Silver Necklace

If a ring is more your thing, this one is big and bold.
Glitzy Rocks Sterling Silver Square Turquoise Ring

I personally prefer the quiet angularity of this elegant bracelet.

Geode Quartz Bangle

In need of something classic and timeless? Look no further.
Turquoise Oval Rope Pendant

If you prefer something more organic, this has to be the most gorgeous option available. The price is...gorgeous...too. *Sigh*
Turquoise, Coral, and Shell Necklace

But what about earrings? These studs are superb!

Delphine Stone Studs

And yes, there are hoops! Beautiful ones, in fact!

Antique Copper Earrings Wire Wrapped

My favourite of the earrings would have to be these drops, which are fit for Titania's jewelry box.
Water Tribe Earrings

Which modern turquoise style do you prefer? Or are you a turquoise traditionalist? Let me know by commenting!