January 9, 2013

Man of Steel, Fabric of Cotton

If you need to make some Superman pillows, my destashing will be to your benefit. I have the panels to make at least two pillows in my Etsy shop!

There are two pieces just like this, washed, ironed, folded, and ready to go!

Superman Pillow Panels Cotton Fabric

Save me from clutter: shop today!

January 6, 2013

Nerdy Quote of the Week

“Do not read, as children do, to amuse yourself, or like the ambitious, for the purpose of instruction. No, read in order to live.”
― Gustave Flaubert

Flaubert himself wrote a short story that I think everyone should read in order to live. It is called A Simple Heart, and it is one of the most beautiful pieces of prose I have come across. The story of a poor, downtrodden servant named Felicite who manages to see God in the little things in life--especially her parrot--and be joyful despite her painful lot, A Simple Heart reminds us that it is the faith of a child that brings us to God--and to true happiness, and that this faith is not dependent on circumstances. That is certainly a lesson we all need to "read in order to live."

Happy Twelfth Night to Me!

Today as I was wandering through the toy section of Wal Mart (one of my two favourite departments, the other being crafts), I spotted something on sale that I just had to have. As I had not payed full price for my gift for myself, I decided that this would make up the rest of it. Hey, it is Twelfth Night after all.

I had never paid any attention to the Littlest Pet Shop toys before, because the animals look like nothing on earth (for example, I think this is supposed to be a deer, but I'm not sure) but once I found out that you can get little tiny Blythe dolls inexpensively this way, I started actually looking for LPS sets. This one was the last that they had and was marked down to $4.50, which is a great price considering that similar Blythe dolls cost around $25. So I took her home and had fun deboxing her, or as much fun as you can have when everything is fastened to the box in some crazy way.
The first thing I learned was that she can't sit up by herself! I had to prop her against a box of magazine clippings.

The stand doesn't work very well either, but it does at least hold her up enough to get some nice runway type shots.

Isn't she just the cutest thing? I love that she's a redhead with green eyes--I always wished I was one myself.

Because I love dolls, I have way too many, of all shapes and sizes. I thought I might have one about the size of Blythe, so that they could share clothes. My first idea was Dawn, or to be more accurate, Dawn's redheaded friend Shannon, whose stand is even worse than Blythe's.

Not quite the size match I was hoping for! But still, maybe Blythe could get by with a few of Dawn's extra clothes?

Dawn's top is a bit...boxy on Blythe, to say the least. Maybe at least those little panties will fit, right?

In a way they do! hahaha Clearly, this just wasn't working. Luckily, I had one more doll up my sleeve (actually, it was in my big plastic drawer thing full of dolls, but let's not get technical).

Anyone remember these characters? In case you don't, about 7 years ago there was a Disney cartoon show called Kim Possible, and these dolls represent the two main characters, Kim and her friend Ron Stoppable. I didn't like the show but thought the dolls were kind of fun, so I bought them when I found them on sale at Bealls Outlet ages ago. Maybe, just maybe, Kim's clothes would fit Blythe.

The sleeves are too long, but I think it looks better on Blythe than it did on Kim. Maybe Kim can wear Blythe's clothes on her date with Ron?

Eek! Sorry Kim, but that just isn't possible!