May 9, 2013

DIY Designer Flats

I admit it, this is a reblog. But I was so impressed I just had to share it!

Boutique Style Flats Shoe Refashion

Flamingo Toes must be an expensive designer boutique, right? Nope. She is a blogger with an incredible way with, of all things, Mod Podge and shoes from Wal Mart! The polka dots are even made with a permanent marker! I absolutely love it. I hope you'll go check out her instructions, and indeed the rest of her blog, and be amazed and inspired as I was.

May 8, 2013

A Poetry Student in Spring

A Poery Student in Spring

Michael kors shirt
$1,165 -

Marc jacobs shorts

Melissa shine shoes
$250 -

Adia kibur jewelry

Marc jacobs eyewear

Hair clip accessory
$6.21 -