July 13, 2013

Saturday Spotlight: It's Raining Men!

Intro to Saturday Spotlight: this is a new feature I will be doing since I have been invited to join the Spotlight Promotion Team on Etsy. Each Saturday I will pick one of the cool sellers on our team and show off some of their items. This is going to be so much fun!

If you've been following the news lately, you've probably seen that the southeastern US has been in for a ton of rain. It has brought back memories of July 1994, when my family's house was flooded and my bedroom got 4 feet of water in it, causing my canopy bed and my desk to turn to mush (and me to swear an oath to only use real wood furniture for the rest of my life). Oh yeah, and there was that whole thing where we had to basically gut the house and rebuild it. I learned a lot of useful skills from that... There has been flooding this year, but nothing like what occurred that time, thank goodness. So I can be light-hearted and silly about it all.

People have said it has rained cats and dogs. Nobody, however, has complained of it raining men. Now I am married, so this is not a problem for me. But for all of the single ladies out there, here is a familiar song

and a (temporary) solution from Bonbonsandmore.

These cowboys are wanting to help you out in the kitchen. They aren't exactly dressed for it though.

Sexy Cowboy Pot Holder

Sexy Cowboy Pot Holder

Uh oh, did something catch fire? Bonbonsandmore has that covered too! Although "covered" may not be the right word here.

Sexy Fireman Pot Holder

Sexy Fireman Pot Holder

These would make really fun housewarming or bachelorette party gifts, or a funny alternative to the traditional bottle of wine hostess gift. Or, of course, you could treat yoself and keep a fireman in your kitchen next to the stove just in case.

Be sure to check out the rest of Bonbonsandmore's shop! She has some gorgeous patchwork clutches and all sorts of goodies for sale.

Must-read Article for Tolkien Fans

Thanks to Facebook I saw this article today and was so glad to see that most of my choices were on the list. Even the people of the forest made the list!

Six Overlooked Yet Important Characters from The Lord of the Rings

I think that Fatty Bolger would have made a nice addition--after all, he did risk his life in order to make it look like Frodo was still living in Crick Hollow, and he plays a bigger part in the beginning of the story than I had remembered until I reread the book this year. The Cotton family and Farmer Maggot are also quite important, especially at the end. And I think that I would include the elves who rescue Frodo and the other hobbits and give him sound advice late into the night early into his journey, while he is still in the Shire.

That said, the author of the article did a really good job and made some thoughtful choices. Reading the article may be best for those who have actually read the books, however. If you've only watched the movies you may be completely confused, wondering "Who are these people? And I thought that Arwen was the one who fought off the Nazgul at the Ford of Bruinen!" This is why you need to read the books! Trust me, the movies are great and I love them. But the books are so much better, richer, deeper, more beautiful...I could go on and on!...that it isn't even funny.

I'll stop rambling now and go to sleep (I am extremely sleep deprived...can you tell?). But please read the article, or read the books and then read the article :)

July 7, 2013

Still Smashing

I have been more busy than words can tell (except for the weirdly long naps I've had in the middle of the morning the last few days while Doldin watched The Precious, but I digress) and all of that busyness is going to make for a BUNCH of blog posts. As it is late and I need to wind down little bit, I will only post one little thing that I have done.

I finished some more Smashbook pages! Everyone who isn't into smashing can look away or groan or whatever it is that you poor things do. But I have to show you because it is a compulsion.

I was in a swap on Swap-bot called GIML (Glimpse Into My Life) 10 and we were given four options and had to pick two. I chose to go with the one in which you could only use a single shape over and over, and the one in which you made a silhouette. My shape of choice ended up being the rectangle, which is a bit boring I know, but I picked it because I have been wanting to do a certain layout ever since I got my Smashbook. See, I keep EVERYTHING. Did I mention that before? So I had all of these old ID cards in a box. Well, now they are not in the box anymore. And you will not be able to get any useful information from them because I have put Lisa Frank sticker backing paper over the top of the "good stuff." I may be stupid, but I'm not that stupid.

For my silhouette layout I traced Doldin's hand, then my hand inside it, and finally traced the little hand of The Precious inside of mine. The result is something that reminds me of prehistoric cave art, full of magic and mystery and power.

At this rate, my Smashbook is going to be all full by Christmas. Hmmm I wonder what on Arda I will ask Santa for?

By the way, just wanted to state that I am not in any way affiliated with or paid by the people who make Smashbook or anybody else who make anything. lol I wish I were. I would love to be paid by somebody or something for writing this stuff!