July 13, 2013

Must-read Article for Tolkien Fans

Thanks to Facebook I saw this article today and was so glad to see that most of my choices were on the list. Even the people of the forest made the list!

Six Overlooked Yet Important Characters from The Lord of the Rings

I think that Fatty Bolger would have made a nice addition--after all, he did risk his life in order to make it look like Frodo was still living in Crick Hollow, and he plays a bigger part in the beginning of the story than I had remembered until I reread the book this year. The Cotton family and Farmer Maggot are also quite important, especially at the end. And I think that I would include the elves who rescue Frodo and the other hobbits and give him sound advice late into the night early into his journey, while he is still in the Shire.

That said, the author of the article did a really good job and made some thoughtful choices. Reading the article may be best for those who have actually read the books, however. If you've only watched the movies you may be completely confused, wondering "Who are these people? And I thought that Arwen was the one who fought off the Nazgul at the Ford of Bruinen!" This is why you need to read the books! Trust me, the movies are great and I love them. But the books are so much better, richer, deeper, more beautiful...I could go on and on!...that it isn't even funny.

I'll stop rambling now and go to sleep (I am extremely sleep deprived...can you tell?). But please read the article, or read the books and then read the article :)

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