June 22, 2013

This Fabric is a Dream

I have been meaning to check out Spoonflower.com for ages. I have been wanting to design my own fabric ever since I was a little girl, but was always told it was too expensive or that I'd have to get a special degree or job. I love that Spoonflower lets all of us fabric-designer wannabes have a chance and that there are no setup fees. The price for a yard of fabric sounds steep and it is, compared to buying a yard of, say, Moda fabric for $8.50. But, as gorgeous as that Moda fabric is, you didn't design it. So $15.75 for a completely custom yard really isn't that bad, especially if you are needing specialty fabric that nobody but you would ever make. Ballerina aardvarks dancing on giant pickles, for example, would probably be a hard to find subject for a printed fabric.

Anyway, now you know what Spoonflower is and why I've been so excited to look into it. But when I went to the website last night, I got sidetracked because there was a contest that let you vote. I don't know about you but I love voting! I will vote on anything at all if given the chance. In this case, voting turned out to be a joy, because the contest is to choose the best Midsummer Night Dream themed fabric!

The people at Spoonflower set up parameters for colours that the designers had to go by but after that they were given free reign. The results are 10 pages of beautiful swatches of fabric, some depicting scenes from Shakespeare's most delirious comedy and some more abstract florals and geometric prints.

You vote by clicking on the ones you like best, and they will be highlighted in green. At the end you have to confirm that you are not a machine a couple of times (gosh, that is getting old) but at least it isn't one of those hard-to-read captchas like I unfortunately have on my blog comment thing! (Sorry folks!)

Here are some of the choices you can make.

The last one is my husband's favourite, and I like how you can see a different character in each moon.

If you'd like to see the other gorgeous designs and vote on your favourites, click here.

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