September 7, 2013

Keep Saturdays Weird!

Happy Saturday!

For me this has already been a happy Saturday. I woke up with a kiss and hug from The Precious, got a surprise visit (ker-plunk!) from the purring Isabella cat soon after, ate muffins that I actually remembered to make last night so we'd have something for breakfast, and opened up Etsy to find that I had sold my Victorian ball gown pattern. YAY!

Now to make it even better (and help it to be a bit weirder), my friend Mollie posted a video on Facebook.

I already loved the "Unipiper" from his previous video, in which he plays the Imperial March on bagpipes (gosh I love bagpipes!) while dressed as Darth Vader, and UNICYCLES! My mind is just blown by his skills. And my four year-old inner child still wants a unicycle. I promise I'll be careful! Please?

But he's added something new and even more spectacular. Now his bagpipes SHOOT FIRE. I have no idea how, but they do.

I want this guy to perform at my wedding! Too bad I'm already married.

Do you like this post? Would you like me to do a "Keep Saturdays Weird" post every week? If so, please comment. It's not that hard, I promise!

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