November 24, 2012

The Advent Blues

How To Pass the Time Until Doctor Who Returns

As we know, there will be no new Who until December 25th. This is always incredibly hard to bear and the time seems to drag. So I have come up with 10 surefire ways to beat the Advent blues.

1. Eat bananas. Lots of bananas. Just not apples, because an apple a day keeps the
Doctor away.

2. Knit a long crazy scarf.

3. Investigate the cracks in your walls.

4. Learn to make the perfect pot of tea.

5. Comb the history books for possible references to the Doctor.

6. Figure out why you keep making marks on your arms. It might be important.

7. Play some football/soccer.

8. Study store mannequins and angel statues for signs of movement.

9. Practice shooting a fez off of a dummy until you are as good a shot as River.

10. And of course, RUN!

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