November 14, 2012

Etsy's Tribute to Bookish Girls

While I do not want most of items Etsy has chosen for bookish girls, I love the description of what it is like to be in a relationship with one of us.

"It’s coming: when she calls you out on a half-hearted answer, in a parking lot somewhere, and you find yourself defending your rote use of the word “interesting.” Or what about this moment, a peril of life with a bookish girl, when she shows you her writing? The odds are not with you, and they will never be with you and you will never learn better."
Su Wu

As I read this I heard again in my head many of the arguments and conversations I've had with my husband Doldin. It also reminded me of one of my favourite movies, Conversations With Other Women, which features a couple who argues just exactly the way we do (except that we do not use the F word). The part that immediately springs to mind is Helena Bonham Carter's unnamed character repeatedly asking the man (he is unnamed too) what book she had been reading when he found her sitting under a tree years ago.

If you are the sort of person who considers this an important question (as am I), or are in a relationship with one, you must read this!

Gifts for Bookish Girls

For some of my ideas for gifts for literary nerds like me, see my new treasury!

She is Too Fond of Books

Speaking of which, I really need to write a book review again soon...I've been reading nonstop but have not had the time to actually put my thoughts into words.

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