November 12, 2012

My New Obession

I made the mistake of looking up doll clothing the other night on Etsy and saw the Neo Blythe dolls made by Takara. I'm in love! To me, the old Blythe dolls had possibility but something about their proportions was not quite right. But now, Takara has fixed whatever it was and Blythe is creepily adorable. I am going to have to save up for one of these dolls!

Coco Collette

The eyes can be changed out and moved around--how cool is that?

Alexis Emerald

I love the Wednesday Addams look these dolls have.

Pictures stolen from Blythe News

Blythe is huge in Japan now, and fashion designers are even collaborating to make her clothes.

Final Design of "Strawberries 'n Creamy Cute"

The bad thing is that these dolls are not cheap--just check Ebay and you'll see what I mean! I will literally have to save up for a long time to get one. It just might be worth it though.

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