October 19, 2012

At Last! A Real Follower! And Stuff About Reptiles...I Promise, It WILL make Sense!

I have had a bloody awful day, to be honest. I nearly fell asleep driving this morning due to the migraine that has kept me awake for...3 nights? and had to drag my husband out of work so he could drive The Precious and me to our doctors appointments, which are quite a long way away. Despite taking Imitrex, Goody's, and Mucinex (because I'm very congested in one side of my head), I still have the migraine. So tonight has not been fun either.

But there has been a bright spot! I just found that I have my first (non-husband) follower, and that she sounds like a really neat person. She has just started what sounds like a really interesting blog. Please check it out!

Meet the Crafty Gecko Queen

I am so psyched about this because, though I have never blogged about it, I am a big reptile fanatic. In the past I had a pet green snake, Sweety, so named because I kept calling him (her?) that, and also because I knew no one else would ever name a snake Sweety!

He was a tiny snake, so he's hard to see. And yes, I looked like a little girl but I was about 19 in this picture!

Before that I had an iguana with a penchant for escaping from his cage. Now, alas, I have no reptiles because my husband cannot abide them. I have a phobia of large grasshoppers, so I understand. However, we do have quite a nice population of geckos at our house, and even my husband enjoys watching them chase and eat moths on the other side of the windows. I have tried taking pictures but they never come out well because the geckos only come out at night. There were geckos at our previous (rented) house, too, and I came to think of them almost as our genii locus. One way that I knew we had chosen the right house this time was when we saw the sweet little gecko on the door. Yep, this is home.

For a while, after researching the geckos and learning about them, I wanted to make a comic strip called something like "The Adventures of Gecko Girl" featuring a superheroine who could climb straight up walls like a gecko and who had a sticky whip that would snap up criminals the way a gecko's tongue does with insects...yeah, that's pretty weird, and that's why I didn't take that idea any further. I didn't want to spend the rest of my life defending myself against charges of being a pervert or something!

So anyway, I think it's the coolest thing on earth that my very first real follower calls herself The Crafty Gecko Queen! I look forward to reading her blog and I hope you all will read it too :)

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