November 29, 2012

Slow Progress

The territory of The Precious has been expanded to the dining/craft room, which means we have had to do a lot of sudden rearrangements. Though this is exhausting, it is having some positive results! My sewing desk is finally visible and usable.

The bad thing is that I have had to use packing tape to seal the two bottom drawers of my pattern filing cabinet because a certain little someone enjoyed pulling everything out of the envelopes. Also, my cutting table/Etsy item storage space has long been a mess, but now it is a catastrophe of epic proportions. Maybe this weekend we can get that sorted. The effort may be horrific but I love being able to walk freely through the room and The Precious is enjoying playing with my rubber stamps (I have removed all of the ink to a safe place in the back room!) and pulling all of my cookbooks off of the shelf one by one. So it's all going to be good. :)

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