November 26, 2012

Give Back While Giving

I love how increasing numbers of companies and charities are offering cool gifts that not only provide a great product for every person on your Christmas list, but give a portion of the proceeds to help others too!

$40 gets you a bunch of Clarins skin-perfecting goodies AND feeds 10 American school children!
Feed 10 Kit

Hate throwing away those plastic lipstick tubes? With Plantlove lipstick, you don't have to. Instead, plant the empty tube in the ground and watch as wildflowers grow! Beautify your world and give $2 to St. Jude's Children's Hospital at the same time!

Buy Cargo PlantLove

For only $5 you can give a beautiful, classic necklace and help to stop domestic violence against women--Avon gives the net profit of $3.04 to their foundation!

Empowerment Circle of Support Necklace

Also from Avon, a stylish hot pink and white scarf that fights breast cancer. Sometimes these sorts of things are tacky, but I would wear this one! $10
Breast Cancer Ribbons Scarf

Buy a cute, limited edition t-shirt designed by a senior citizen in Africa who cares for orphans and feed an orphan for a month. Your name will be painted on an "Honor Wall" in Africa as well. Not bad for $29! I love that a 91-year-old lady designed this one.

'The Tree and Rain by Mrs. Jele - 91yrs— Kid's

Imagine being so poor that you have to scrounge through garbage to make a living. These bags are made by women of India who are in just that situation--and the unique thing is that they are recycled from the plastic bags that the women find in the dump. Don't worry, they're clean and safe! I think they look like a great present for the guy on your list who can't be separated from his laptop for a minute. $18

This Bag is Garbage Messenger Bag

Help save the rain forests and support indigenous artisans by purchasing a cruelty-free leather bank--too cute! I like that it snaps shut rather than having one of those impossible rubber stoppers. $12.95

Here Kitty Kitty Cruelty Free Leather Bank

These are just a few fun ideas for gifts that give back. I'll be adding more, so check back often!

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