December 2, 2012

Hawkeye Shows His Tail

Nope, I do not mean that Hawkeye of Avengers fame has been rude. I mean that, thanks to a growing number of artists who poke fun at the bizarre contortionist poses given to female comic book characters, Hawkeye is now literally showing off his bum. And his chest. And his unbelievable flexibility.

You can find the evidence at The Hawkeye Initiative. If you don't get a good laugh out of this, there is something wrong with you!

Here are a few great examples, to which I have no rights whatever.

This one seriously cracks me up! Thanks, The Small Gods!

This one is by Sucks To Your Asgard

If you figure out what that name means, please explain it to me. Unless it means something bad.

To those who say that women are empowered, not made into cheap sex objects by comic book artists, I offer this.

This bit of anatomically-incorrect brilliance provided by Tsulamonn. EDIT: My husband, Doldin, says that this proves that scoliosis is a superpower!

If this doesn't demonstrate the absurdity of comic female characters' poses, not much will! By Steamed Pork Bun

By putting a male character, Hawkeye, into these "feminine" poses, the viewer cannot help but realize how very provocative or silly they are. So look, laugh, and most of all, think about the view of women that exists in our culture, and about your own view. If you agree that women have been objectified and oversexualized in comics, you can make your own Hawkeye Initiative picture and submit it on Tumblr. If you do, please post a link in the comments section here!

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