December 6, 2012

The Problem of "Ugly Chic"

While browsing Lucky Magazine's site this morning I stumbled across an article that sounded interesting. It was called
"How to Totally Own Ugly Chic,"
in that rather confusing way that Lucky Magazine has chosen to write lately. In which sense is the word "own" meant? I had to find out.

As it turns out, the article is about buying items that you find ugly, so in that sense you will "own" ugly chic items. It is also about becoming a queen of wearing ugly items, so the other, slang meaning is appropriate too. What struck me was the general idea of intentionally buying items that one believes to be ugly and wearing them with the intent of being the best at wearing ugly items. Am I the only one who thinks this sounds completely stupid?

If you think something is ugly, for heaven's sake, don't buy it! No matter what the trend is, if you find a skirt or dress ugly, you will feel ugly in it. Buying something you do not like because a magazine tells you that "everyone else is doing it" puts you back into middle school crowd-follower mode. If all the other kids do something, be it pick on the nerd, chew a certain brand of gum, or wear their hair in a style that looks ridiculous, is that any good reason to join them? We've all been there and most of us have given in and followed the crowd at some point. But we're not in middle school anymore and it is time to have minds of our own!

So stand up against the trendsetters and be one yourself. Wear WHAT YOU LIKE whether anyone else likes it or not, whether the magazines say it is in style or not, and whether it is old or new. Money spent on something that you think is ugly is money wasted. If you have nothing else to spend your money on, take the time to be grateful that you are so blessed and find a charity to give your extra money to.


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