October 23, 2012

A Belated Birthday Card

I thought my friend/former boss Liz's birthday was the 26th and of course it was the 16th. Oops. I decided to go ahead and make a birthday card for her anyway.

I covered the card in pretty paper and then I got out my rubber stamps. I have been dying to use this mouse birthday stamp on a card for her for ages!

I had planned to use my new stamp markers from Hobby Lobby--an amazing buy at only $2.99--to colour the little mouse and his cupcake.

Sadly, only a few of the colours worked, proving that you get what you pay for, if that. Buyer beware! So I ended up using a regular old acid-free dye ink pad instead.

I think it turned out cute, non? But of course I just had to use a few more stamps--they're so much fun. So I added a "made by" stamped rectangle to the back.

And because I was completely stamp-happy by now I decided to decorate the envelope with one too! The last two stamps were from the dollar bins at Michaels, by the way, proving that sometimes there is surprising value for money. Yes, I'm glaring at you, Hobby Lobby!

I think Liz will like it, even if it is late. Now all I have to do is take it to her tomorrow :) And see if I can get the ink off of my fingers...

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