October 24, 2012

Card Fail

I decided that since I managed to make a nice card, I should go ahead and reshare my card fail from last year. Back then I was trying to run a blog called Le Bonne Vie Rurale but somehow the tone was more than I could handle. So anyway, here is the post.

"Today is my daddy's birthday, and since we couldn't afford to get him a gift this year I wanted to at least make him a nice card. The problem is, I'm pretty new to card making. I was going for something masculine yet nice-looking, and I think I did succeed at that. I know this is very simple, but for me, it is a great triumph. Except for one part...see if you can spot it.

Yup, I got red ink on my fingers and it smudged on the front of the card! To top it off, I sealed up the card in the envelope before realizing that I'd taken a horrible photo of it--it looked fine in the preview. When I went to give it to him, I found that the acid-free glue stick I had used had not been strong enough to adhere the paper permanently, and the card began falling apart!
Craft Fail, anyone?"

I have learned a lot since then but am still working on finding the ultimate adhesive for cardmaking. Any suggestions?

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