October 21, 2012

Countdown to Halloween: A Ghoul's Best Friend

Because I love Halloween so much, I decided to do a Halloween blog post for every day of October. However, my love of spookiness will not end on November first! Luckily, I have just discovered an interesting blog to follow: Sweet and Twisted Thoughts of Sara, A Ghoul's Best Friend.

A Ghoul's Best Friend

Sara interviews artists who like to keep things creepy year-round, and features movie reviews for horror movies (nope, I probably won't be watching any of them! I may love Halloween but I am very squeamish when fake gore is involved!) as well as a link to her Etsy shop. Right now I'm getting a kick out of her interview with an artist who makes zombie cake toppers, and I'm not even into zombies!


  1. Thanks a bunch! Glad you have enjoyed reading my posts, even if they do talk about something gory or strange ;)

  2. "Strange" I always love! And your site isn't too gory for me :) I just probably couldn't watch the movies...wish I had the stomach for it but so far I still don't. lol it was a big deal when I watched the original Night of the Living Dead! This year we may try The Exorcist if I can be brave enough. I love scary stories though, and all things creepy...I have been compared to Morticia Addams more than once :D


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