September 8, 2012

RE: Your Regularly Scheduled Program

I know, I know, nothing new has really been posted for a few days. I really am sorry. I have been kept busy by a teething baby escape artist and today, a funeral. It hasn't been a great week, really. But the weekend is here again and I will try to return to the "regularly scheduled programming." I have a lot of ideas for posts that are, I think, pretty interesting. I hope I will actually get to type them up, and that I won't be the only one to find them interesting.
*adjusts bowtie*
Until then, please enjoy this awesome image from SharpWriter on Deviant Art.

Abe Lincoln Riding a Grizzly by *SharpWriter on deviantART

I mean, it's Abe Lincoln riding a bear. A grizzly bear, in fact. I doubt I will be able to top that, actually. Maybe I shouldn't have posted it after all? Ah well.

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