September 9, 2012

King Arthur Slept Here

In a previous post, I said that I was going to try to make these crib guards to keep The Precious from eating her crib. What happened to that plan?

Well, they always say "measure twice, cut once." I, however, have measured five times. And every bloody time, I get a different measurement! It's like the "graves" of King Arthur that supposedly change size every time you measure them. For more info, read section F., Arthur's Graves

I can only deduce that this unassuming crib purchased from J.C. Penney is in fact the lost crib of King Arthur.

Whoever would have thought?

I finally gave up and went with a sort of average of the five measurements, and of course ended up with some pieces a bit too long and some a bit too short. I think it will work anyway. But I was so worn out after all of that that I never got any sewing done. My plan is to work on that tonight. Let's just hope the fabric I chose doesn't have any magical properties or I may not finish these until The Precious has gone off to college!

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