September 13, 2012

Just Make it Stop!

Things I am Tired of Seeing on Etsy

1. Moustaches

2. Egg and apple "cozies"

4.Poo and pee items--I can't see anything cute about excrement, sorry.

5. Octopi and this particular octopus especially

6. Dictionary pages with vintage images printed over them Surprise, it's another octopus!

7. Images/jewelry/tee shirts featuring the outline of a state with a heart in it

8. Bacon

9. Cowls

10. Zombies--get real, people! There is not going to be a Zombie Apocalypse!

Things I am Afraid I am Going to Hate if They Keep Being so Prolific on Etsy

1. Cupcakes

2. Elephants

3. Owls

I love these three, especially owls and elephants, so don't ruin them for me, Etsy!

What trends are you ready to see the end of? Please click on the title of the post and tell me in the comment box.

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