September 11, 2012

A Trend Worth Buying Into

Teeny Tiny Necklaces

I am in love with the itsy bitsy charms on the delicate--and surprisingly affordable--necklaces from Madewell.

For example, there's a classic miniature bow necklace, for those not bold enough to try a real bow tie.

How feminine is that?
Mini Bow Necklace

Sheep seem to be a trend this fall, which is great because I love sheep. I even wanted to have sheep, but that won't work in our new neighborhood. Madewell has a cute little sheep just for all of us fibre fanatics!

And finally, the coolest of them all (and the one I have been dying to buy for months). It's a LLAMA! Why a llama? I say, why not? Whether it is because it reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite's pet, Tina, or because of the wonderfully silly Monty Python sketch, I am in love with this necklace. Cuidado llamas!

Llama Love necklace

I have seen this trend popping up all over Etsy as well.

Just in time for hunting season (joke), a tiny golden deer!

Leaping Deer

A darling elephant!

Cute Elephant

Just one more? Oh well, okay. A beautiful little acorn.

Tiny Acorn Necklace

Why is this trend "worth buying into?"

These necklaces are going to continue to look elegant for years to come. You will be able to layer them with other necklaces or wear them alone. Their refinement will keep them from looking vulgarly out-of-date the way those huge chunky statement necklaces will in a year or two. And if you for some crazy reason actually do get tired of them, you can always give them to a little girl, for whom the scale will look just right. My guess, though, is that these lovely little pieces will become much-loved staples in your jewelry box.

Please note: I have no affiliation with or any of the etsy sellers featured.

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