September 3, 2012

Labor Day Plans

A three day weekend sounds nice and long until it actually comes and starts flying by! Having a baby seems to make it go even faster, but that's another story. So far we've had a great time. Of course, there have been chores upon chores. I actually got a floor mopped and the refrigerator cleaned out! But we are taking time to relax too. Yesterday Doldin melted down a bunch of aluminium cans for his metalworking experiments, and last night I managed to finally cut out a dress to sew for The Precious (just hoping it will fit! She is SO tall!) It should be really cute though.

Perhaps best of all, we watched Doctor Who close to midnight (it was just that late by the time we got everything done). Of course that meant we had to stay up to discuss Amy Pond's recklessness (we know now where River Song gets it from!) and how sweet poor Rory is, and speculate as to how "Oswin Oswald" is going to end up being the Doctor's new companion, Clara. Has anyone else noticed that she, Jenna-Louise Coleman I mean, looks a bit like Helena Bonham Carter?

Helena picture found here

I never could find the perfect picture to show exactly what I mean, but maybe you can see the resemblance.

So anyway, naturally we have big plans for today. Will we achieve them? Who knows. For me the biggest is that I need to try and make crib rail teething guards for The Precious. I found a tutorial on Baby Rabies and I have all the stuff, but every time I measure the crib I come up with different numbers. Hmm. I will post my results later!

And of course, I really want to get in some LOTRO. With the Summer Festival going on there are lots of things I want to get for my characters. So far I have only got the Summerdays pony for my hobbit burgler, Caledonia.

I really like it and must get it for Aurelas (my elf hunter) as soon as possible.

I would love to get a chance to work on a short story I started months ago that involves time travel and endless regret. Sorry, that's all I'm going to tell you about that one until it's finished!

I have a horrible feeling I will end up wasting most of my precious day doing silly things that will make me annoyed if I can even remember them afterward, but maybe this Labor Day will be different than most and we will actually get things done!

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