September 12, 2013

Rainbow Jello FTW

Back in June, I volunteered to make goodies for my quilt guild meeting. I didn't have much money at all but figured I could come up with things that were delicious and impressive without being expensive. Rainbow Jello immediately came to mind! I have been seeing it all over Pinterest and the success pictures look amazing. It even reminded me of one of the coolest places we visited on our honeymoon nearly 6 years ago.

The Hall of Rainbows, Lookout Mountain

However, there was also this.

It's Almost a Double Rainbow Jello Fail


So I was a little hesitant. However, when I was telling Mama about my ideas for snacks, she surprised me by saying that she used to make rainbow jello all the time and that it was easy. She told me that the secret is to make sure the jello sets for at least three hours before adding the next layer. It takes a long, long, time, but it really does work! If you don't do it this way, the colours all bleed together and you get a blurry brownish mess.

And here's the (rather fuzzy, sorry!) proof!

As it turned out, almost no one ate any, so I ended up getting to keep most of it for myself, and believe me, I enjoyed it! I was a little worried that the flavours might not mix well, but they tasted wonderful together. I am definitely going to make Rainbow Jello again--when I actually have time to add a new layer every three hours!

So don't be intimidated by Rainbow Jello--it's really just like making regular Jello, but with an extra twist that isn't hard at all.

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