September 13, 2013

Fall Colours for Crafting

I love to paint! I think it is the mixing of colours to make new ones that I love most. I love to get out an old aluminium pie tin, squirt some blue, yellow, red, white, and black paint in nice little pools that almost touch, and start swirling the brush around until I get a shade I've never made before. And I'll never be able to make it again--I've learned that the hard way.

So when I found piles of lasercut wooden shapes on sale at Michaels I just had to snatch them all up and take them home and paint them. I wanted to make scrapbooking elements that are timeless, yet reflect the current colour trends. I ended up with a bunch of original colours and therefor a bunch of unique scrapbooking elements! Since we really need new tires, food, and all that jazz, they are going up for sale in my Etsy shop. Each one is one-of-a-kind. They are for sale individually, or you can buy all of the ones in a listing and get 25% off.

You could use these items to make lovely scrapbook pages, stick them on wreaths, add a ribbon and hang them on a Christmas tree, or whatever you like. The sky's the limit! Just be aware that I did not use any kind of sealer, so they will probably be best indoors.

Scrapbook Words Believe, Faith, or Peace
Inspirational words! Believe in Pumpkin Orange, Faith in Caribbean Teal, and Peace in Mossy Mint

Wooden @ At Sign Symbol of Lasercut Wood
You can get the "@" sign in either Oxblood (a lovely dark rich rose that was probably the most fun to mix of all) or in Calypso Coral.

Scrapbook Speech Bubble
I love these rectangular speech bubbles in Calypso Coral, Macaroni and Cheese Orange, and October Sky Blue (it really is just the colour of an October sky!) It's such fun coming up with colour names!

Scrapbook Wooden Doily Medallion Embellishments
These are so pretty! They remind me of doilies. There is a lacy diamond in Pumpkin Orange, a frilly round doily in Oxblood, and a pretty circle in Caribbean Teal.

Wooden & And Sign Symbol
For rustic weddings, signs, scrapbooks, or whatever use you have for an "and" sign, I have two: one in Vine Green and one in Mossy Mint. They are so very shabby chic!

Scrapbook Frame Oval Wooden Embellishment
These cute little frames look like they have tiny screws in them! One each in Pumpkin Orange, Calypso Coral, and Mossy Mint.

I will be listing more over the weekend, so keep checking my shop for new items!

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