March 12, 2013

I'm Tolkien About Batik

When I was a kid I often saw batik techniques in those old 60s and 70s craft books. The photos were always in black and white and the result was that I thought batik must be the most hideous fabric on earth. It wasn't until I finally saw some in real life that I found out how very very wrong I had been and fell in love. While I haven't tried making any myself, I have started building up a small stash to sew with.

However, I was completely unprepared for the images I saw when I found Carol Law Conklin's Etsy shop, Amity Farm Batik. Her batiks are more than the usual abstract squiggles and shapes: she has actually depicted scenes from the works of Tolkien, and done it so beautifully I believe Mr. Tolkien would have approved (and he was quite picky).

Just take a look for yourself!

Black Riders Descend

Tolkien Ent Tree Forest Lord of the Rings

Golden Eagle Gwaihir Flies Above Castle

To see more, visit her shop Amity Farm Batik and search for Lord of the Rings. But make sure you look at her non-Tolkien images as well--they are stunning!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Christie,
    What a great job! Thank you for showing three of my favorite batik inspired by the
    "Lord of the Rings' Trilogy by Tolkien.
    I'm glad you're lovin' batik now that you've seen in color what can be done with wax and dyes. This is an ancient process with a magic interaction between artist, wax and dyes.


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