October 1, 2012

Good Things Coming Soon!

I have had a crazy couple of weeks. My aunt Martha came to visit and then first The Precious, then me, and then my husband came down with a coldlike virus. I am still sick and so is he. Therefore, I probably won't be able to get a lot done on the blog for a few days. I do have some good things in the works though!

First, I plan to add my skirt guide to my What I Want for Fall posts. I have read a great book called Shining at the Bottom of the Sea and intend to review it as soon as possible. As soon as I possibly can I will be making a tutorial for the Yoplait yogurt cup flameless candle holders that I made for my wedding (almost five years ago now!). My countdown to Halloween begins today. Each day there will be a new craft project, Halloween artwork, costume idea, etc. So much fun!
And believe me, this is just for starters!

Until then, enjoy this cool steampunky picture by tahra.

library by ~tahra on deviantART

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