August 31, 2013

Homemade Rubber Stamps

Months ago I took part in a homemade rubber stamp swap and meant to get the photos up here for everyone to see, but then I couldn't find the thumb drive I had put them on. Doldin cleaned everything out from under the couch today and guess what turned up! lol

My first attempt was meant to be a simple peace sign. I guess it turned out okay for a first try, but I wasn't happy with it.

My final attempt before making one to swap as a simple moon and stars design that got out of hand. It looks like mincemeat until you stamp it. I absolutely love it! It is a bit fragile though, so I made a paisley one to swap and kept this one.

In this photo you can see the tools of the trade (woodcarving tools from Wal Mart) as well as the stamp itself.

Looks dreadful, right?

I got too much ink so it turned out a bit rough in this stamping, but I am still very happy with the way this stamp works, even if I think I did make the Big Dipper backwards!

To make your own unique rubber stamps from cheap rubber erasers, see the links below. It's tricky and you probably will cut your fingers at least once, but it is a lot of fun! It could even become habit forming!

This shows how to make stamps using polymer erasers(not the kind I used but should be better) and better tools than I had, but if you are just wanting to give it a try, you can use wood carving tools as I did or go ahead and invest in linocutting tools.

Here is one of the sources I used when making mine.
How to Make Eraser Stamps

And here is the other :)
DIY Eraser Stamps

If my post inspires you to give stampmaking a shot, please let me know in the comments! I'd love to see your creations!

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