August 29, 2013

Autumn is Coming!

The rain has finally stopped here in "sunny" Florida and now it is hot and humid and miserable again. And yet, there is a hint of something new in the air--that indefinable something that means autumn is on its way. Fall is my favourite season, the one from which I draw the most energy and inspiration. Without it I think I would go crazy, even though it induces something like a glorious madness in me each time.

My first autumn-inspired project was to make a fall artist trading card for a Swap-bot swap.

The argyle paper I used to make borders is some left over from making scrapbook pages about waiting in line at midnight to get the final Harry Potter book. I thought it was appropriate for the season.

I am already getting excited about fall! I will have a two-year old's cowgirl costume to get together and lots of decorations to put up, and this year The Precious will really be able to enjoy it all with me. So bring on the cool air and bright blue skies, the few leaves that actually turn colours here, and the wonderful electricity that defies explanation!

I'm ready!

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