February 15, 2013

Swap Fever

I have recently grown interested in sites that allow people to become connected via snail mail. I guess being a stay at home mom makes being connected to the world in any form sound attractive! So I did a bit of searching and found Swap-bot.com. At first I thought the swaps there would not be for me. For example, look at this one.

Now I don't know about you, but I have enough cereal boxes and such sitting around as it is; I really don't want to receive bits of other peoples' in the mail! Can you say "Regretsy?"

Well, this is little better. I probably have a mangled postcard somewhere. But do I really want someone else's mangled postcard in return? No thanks.

Ah! Now this is more like it! I have crocheted all sorts of things but never a dishcloth, so this would be something new. I found a pattern online (see link at the end of the post) and got started.
I was so surprised to receive my dishcloth yesterday, on Valentine's Day, way sooner than expected! My swap partner, Lee, really went all out. She wrapped it in beautiful glittery polka dotted tissue paper tied up with ribbon, attached a hand-written note, and tucked in a packet of Twinings peppermint tea!

How absolutely perfect is that? Lee, you are amazing! Thank you so much :D

I am still working on the dishcloth for my swap partner to receive. I have plenty of time to finish it and will definitely have it ready in time. The pattern is simple and fun and I love the way it is working up in this buttery yellow Peaches and Cream cotton yarn. This cloth should be great for scrubbing pans or would even be a nice washcloth! Make sure you check out the pattern at Simple Sweet Yarns. When I finish it I will add a post with the final product photos.

Nubbie Scrubbies Pattern

So far my swapping experience has been a lot of fun and I plan to do more in the future. If you're considering doing the same, make sure you read the site's policies and that you understand what is expected of you. Also, be aware that some swaps will not take newbies!

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  1. I used to do a lot of swaps. Used swap-bot a lot too. They are so much fun and can get very addictive! Only had a few bad experiences with people not returning swaps to me.


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