February 2, 2013

I'm Destashing!

Do you ever wake up and realize that too much of a good thing isn't good? I have this revelation more and more often as I try to get our unpacking done (it's been almost a year and we're still not unpacked!) and see how many things I have. Normally craft supplies are keepers in my eyes, but I have finally realized that I no longer want or need some of them. The first example is yarn.

I am a yarn addict and I am not ashamed. However, I have become disenchanted with my stash, which is mostly 100% acrylic yarn, a great deal of which was passed down to me by relatives of dead crocheters. The other day it just hit me like a flash of lightning, "Why am I keeping this stuff if I don't really like it? Why am I letting it take over huge amounts of space? If I like natural fibers so much, why am I using 100% acrylic yarn?" And so the great yarn destashing has begun!

I have split my surplus yarn into yarn to sell on Etsy and yarn to donate to a retirement or nursing home. I have already added a few skeins to my Etsy shop. Keep checking for more! I have a few interesting vintage skeins that will be coming up for sale soon!

DESTASH Red Heart Giant Lime Apple Green 16oz

Destash Caron Colour Perfect Slate Blue

Destash Red Heart Super Saver Teal Yarn

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