January 30, 2013

Great Books For Toddlers

I have a toddler and these books have all been tested on her. Some were my favourites when I was her age!

This is one of The Precious's favourites. She loves not only to lift the flaps to reveal the babies, but enjoys naming objects in the pictures as well. Sometimes I try reading it aloud in Spanish.
Where's the Baby?

When I was little, this was one of my favourites. I especially loved the picture of the chocolate cake and saying, "Scat, cat!" to the wide-eyed cat who tried to steal some of it. They really should bring it back into print!

A Day on the Farm

The Precious has an obsession with feet, so this one is a natural for her.

The Foot Book

With gorgeous pictures and the reassuring message that Mama will be there, even in the night, this is one of my new favourites for little ones.
Owl Babies

For something completely different, try this book. It even includes a mirror at the end so you can be sure you are not a cow!
Are You a Cow?

Learn the alphabet and emotions with cute photos of real babies!
ABC Look at Me

We checked this book out from the library and have so much fun with it! The Precious loves to have the different types of hugs and kisses acted out, and the pictures are so cute. We're going to have to get our own copy.
Huggy Kissy

This was The Precious's favourite until she inexplicably tore it to pieces. She learned so many words from this book, it was amazing! Her favourite is the photo of the astronaut on the moon.
On the Go

There are so many good ones! I'm finding it hard to stop. But I guess I'll end with one of her new favourites, which she wants us to read over and over and over. It has so many things in it that she loves: a mouse, cookies, milk, sweeping, crayons, tape...no wonder it has become a classic.
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

If you want to see some of my other picks, based on their read-aloud-ability, click here!.

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