January 20, 2013

I'm a Lucky Contributor Now!

If they choose any of my posts, that is. I enjoyed the outfit I threw together for church this morning so much that I submitted it, since one of the features of the Lucky community is a sort of "What I Wore" theme. In case it never is published, here it is.

I do not photograph very well, so forgive me!

This is actually the outfit I wore to church this morning. I have been looking at a lot of Vivienne Westwood lately and have also recently discovered the joys of Tokyo street fashion...I think this getup is the result.

I just picked up the tights at Wal Mart yesterday for $4. The skirt and tee shirt I have had for years. My tie is actually a sash for a dress I outgrew years ago (my red bow tie was missing so I decided to improvise). The red watch is Avon, the shoes from a thrift shop for a quarter, and my hat a splurge from Victorian Trading Co. a few years ago.

Dress outside the box!

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