January 23, 2013

A Useful Excursion

The Precious had a doctor's appointment today in a town far, far away from here. It is also a town that is much bigger than the one in which we live, with lots of crafting stores that we normally do not have access to. So I decided to use the opportunity to find a bobbin case for my sewing machine.

Believe it or not, mine broke.

I didn't know they could.

Though I'd been told that Hancock Fabrics didn't have bobbin cases, I ran in just in case. Of course, I couldn't pass up the fat quarter section while I was there. I am so glad I looked, because I found the best fabric ever! In fact, I guess you could say I found the best fabric ever times three, because there were three fat quarters I just had to have.

Yep, there are cats printed on these fabrics! Exquisite, elegant cats made of toile and florals :D

How could I pass those up? I plan to use them to make some new pillows--not that we need any more really!

The lady at Hancock's told me of a local store where I could probably get the sewing machine part that I needed, and sure enough, she was right! I was even able to get a used one.

I tried it in my machine as soon as I got in and it fits, so now I can sew again! I feel so liberated!

PS. The electronics kit in the background belongs to my husband, in case anyone is curious. I don't trust myself with wires. I still have bad memories of grabbing an electric fence when I was about two years old!

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