December 22, 2012

When Christmas Cooking Goes Awry

Dear Liz and Tammy,

I was going to give you each a nice jar of homemade chocolate covered cranberries. Instead, you are getting this blog post. I am so sorry! Here's what went wrong.

To begin with, I have never made chocolate covered cranberries. It was just an idea I got when I found cranberries in Winn Dixie's produce department. It sounded like a good idea and I still think it is, it is just my execution of it that was horribly flawed.

The melting of the chocolate went just fine. It is, after all, hard to mess up that step unless you just walk out of the room and leave it for an hour or something.

It was only when I added the cranberries that the catastrophe occurred. See, I had left them frozen thinking that this would make the chocolate stick to them quicker and more easily. Well, it did all right. It immediately adhered to them...and turned them all into one giant mass.

Not particularly appetizing, is it?

Well, I thought I still might be able to salvage things by breaking the mass apart and separating the cranberries. Nope. When I tried that, I found that inside the huge block, most of the berries were completely uncovered with chocolate, and when I tried to get chocolate to stick to them, it wouldn't because it was now too cold thanks to the freezing berries.

Here were the sad results of that attempt. Some of them have chocolate on them that is still squishy, or was when I started this post at any rate. I guess it just couldn't handle the cold temperature of the berries and it started separating.

I am SO sorry! I love y'all and I really wanted to give you a unique gift. The good news is that this might end up on, so your names could be immortalized in the blogosphere. Not quite what I had hoped for, but maybe it will do for now?

Love (and Merry Christmas!),

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