December 17, 2012

Accessories FTW

I love how adding a different hat or piece of jewelry can completely change an outfit. Here are some of the accessories I'm drooling over at the moment.

I have been dying for a mini top hat ever since I first saw one, and this is, to me, the best-looking of the lot.
Satin Top Hat

I am in love with this shabby-chic fascinator!
Victorian Rag Doll Fascinator Hat

Big floppy hats are a must, in my opinion. You can't go wrong with one in a colour like this.
Head First Hat

I love all of the handcarved hairpins from The Ancient Muse, but this is my favourite.
Forest Elf Mori Girl Woodland Hair Pin

Tie dye is always fun and cheerful. Yes, I am a hippie and I know it.
Tie Dye Headband

I know that some of my choices are a bit unusual, but surely everyone will agree that this is wonderful.
Giant Dwarf Constellation Crown Silver

Let me just say here that I was going to include my favourite bobby pins and realized that they will have to be their own post--I have so many favourites!

Literature and jewelry--a great combination.
To Kill a Mockingbird Finch Brooch

Cats and flowers are another.
Black Cat Brooch with Pink Flowers

This ring has been tantalizing me for too long now! It has even inspired me to try to achieve the same look on my nails (with mixed results).
Sea Green and Gold Size 8 Multifaceted Eco Resin Ring with Suspended Gold Flakes

I can't imagine a ring getting much prettier than this.
Vine Heart Ring Size 8 to Size 9

Everyone needs an unusual necklace or two. I love this swinging rabbit!
Rabbit on a Swing Necklace

For darker moments, this heart necklace is perfect. I have never been into cutesy hearts so this is just the thing for me!
Anatomical Heart in Brass Necklace

I love funny jewelry for dreary days. So here it is, a true "statement" necklace!
Look at My Shoes Necklace

Tiny golden masks are somehow both whimsical and elegant.
Tiny Gold Mask Earrings

These amazing earrings not only make you look beautiful--they help Darfur too.
Dreamers for Darfur Earrings

Art Deco is big again, thank goodness, and these bracelets from Avon would add a hint of Deco flair to any outfit.
Pavé Accent Bangle Bracelet

Real fern and baby's breath are preserved in this bangle!
Fern and Baby's Breath Resin Bangle

As a seamstress, I want this measuring tape bracelet! What a creative idea :)
Red and Black Vintage Measuring Tape Bracelet

Coloured, textured tights are a necessity year-round. If you can stand wearing them in summer, that is. Aren't these fun?
Sheer Houndstooth Tights

20 Denier Checkered Fishnet Tights

Commando Big Dot Tights

The closet goth in me is dying to make some cuffs like this!

For carrying around my books and knitting, this would be cute and useful.
Red Kitty Tote Bag with Pink Bow

I would probably use this as an everyday sort of bag, especially if I ever get to go back to college. It would look perfectly at home in the anthropology department!
Pocket Boho Bag

To organize little things inside the bigger bag, I would need this cute pouch made by a local seamstress.
Brown Linen Zipper Pouch With Cotton Crochet Trim

And this I would love to have for fancy occasions! Tres chic, non?
Light Blue Silk Clutch Purse with Gold Antique French Script

Finally, I have to include some bow ties, because, as we all know, bow ties are cool! I really enjoy wearing them.

Eco Friendly Bow Tie

Hawaiian Quilt Freestyle Bow Tie

Mens Bow Tie Cocoa Brown Irish


Fashun iz Exausting

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