December 9, 2012

Beauty Products for Geeks Like Me

I love that the internet is making it easier and easier for crafters and creators of all kinds to make specialized products that might not sell as well in a small regional market. Thanks to the interwebs, there are now beauty products aimed just at those of us who love Doctor Who, Harry Potter, The Big Bang Theory, and so forth.

Nail Polish for Geeks

When you go to see The Hobbit, you can have your nails painted in Misty Mountains green!

Misty Mountains Nail Polish Mini

Also from the same shop is a lovely purple polish inspired by a poem in The Lord of the Rings.

To the Edge of Night Nail Polish

In the Doctor Who category, I love this weeping angel nail polish--would you believe it's vegan?
Weeping Angel Nail Polish

This polish is sure to remind you of one of the best-ever episodes of Doctor Who!

Starry Night Nail Polish Vegan

Now to Harry Potter. Named for the truly terrifying yet hauntingly beautiful, insane witch Bellatrix L'estrange, this black polish with sparkles is gorgeous.

Despite being the Ravenclaw type myself, I love this Slytherin-green Pansy Parkinson nail polish!

If it's Gryffindor you must have, I think this one looks best.

Gryffindor Harry Potter Nail Polish

If you love The Big Bang Theory you will want to wear these fun polishes from DIFFERENTdimension.

Here's one inspired by Sheldon's annoying catchphrase.

And don't forget our favourite game!
Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Nail Polish

There's even a polish to wear while singing Soft Kitty!
Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty Nail Polish

I think this is the ultimate Star Trek nail polish.

Astrometrics Nail Polish

Doctor Who perfume? You bet. Bubble and Geek has it covered!

Sadly, this doesn't have hallucinogenic effects.
River's Kiss Rollon Fragrance

There is even a his-and-hers perfume!

Mr. and Mrs. Pond Roll On Fragrance

The same shop also offers a nice fragrance for "Ringers."

Hobbit Garden Roll On Fragrance
Be sure to check out their line of candles and lip balms while you're there!

Yes, I know I've neglected Star Wars. The reason is that I'm not really that big of a fan. But for the Star Wars crowd, here is a special fragrance.

Cantina Band Perfume Oil

What about makeup?

Well, there's Tardis blue eyeshadow...

Blue Box The Tardis Blue Eyeshadow

Shire green eyeshadow...

Shire Eyeshadow

and Zelda-inspired eyeshadow in glorious gold!

Zelda's Triforce Gold Eyeshadow

What do you use to store all of this geeky goodness? This bag comes immediately to mind! I just hope it's bigger on the inside!

Doctor Who Toile Fabric Zipper Pouch

Keep checking my blog for more posts on great geeky gifts!

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