January 21, 2014

Yet Another Way to Make a Difference

I promise, I will get back to "books, bowties, and balls of yarn" one of these days. But this is important.

Did you know that Lakota children in South Dakota are ten times more likely than Caucasian kids to be taken from their families and put into foster care or institutions for the *mentally ill?

The reason seems to be the usual one where Native Americans are concerned: there is money to be gained, and the government can get away with it. But let's not let them get away with it. Please watch this video, sign the petition, and spread the word. Let's get these kids back with the families who love them and start focusing on removing children who are actually in danger from their homes!

Sign the petition here
There is also a link for donations through Paypal.

*(Sorry, I can't remember what the new word is we are supposed to say now instead of "mentally ill" is, and as I have no problem calling myself mentally ill I hope you will forgive me. I mean nothing bad to anyone).

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