January 2, 2014

What Has Changed Since Last Year? Part 1

Still thinking about New Year's, I started wondering what has changed in the past year. In the whole world? No, because honestly, every news website will have a nice summary of that. I'm going to be more boring and ask, what has changed for me?

I have become a huge fan of kawaii. I have always loved Hello Kitty, but I thought a lot of kawaii items (food with faces for instance) were too cutesy. Somehow over the past year I have changed my mind and I want it all! Or nearly all. I still am not into poop and pee with faces.

Happy Donut Patch by PatchNation

Triple Kitten Cone 8x10 Art Print by

Toaster Pastry Pillow Hot Fudge Sundae by ScrumptiousDelight

Food with faces is fun! Who knew?

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